Leather clothing UK - Aero Leathers, Scotland, UK edit / delete

Galashiels-based manufacturer of leather jackets, with a wide range of designs; it's pretty interesting just poking about the site reading about them. When my 20-year-old jacket falls apart this might be a good place to visit...

to clothes jacket leather shopping ... on 11 October 2016

Scotch Bonnet Records edit / delete

Glasgow-based reggae label.

to glasgow music reggae shopping ... on 24 October 2015

Lupe Pintos - Mexican and World Foods edit / delete

With Edinburgh and Glasgow branches. They do tomatillos, so I could finally give that chile verde recipe a try... one to remember next time I'm travelling!

to food ingredients mexico recipes shopping tex-mex ... on 22 March 2015

S.F.B. Morse: Gallery of the Louvre edit / delete

Yes, *that* Samuel Morse. I'd like a print of this for the office.

to art morse painting shopping ... on 20 October 2013

Low Pass Filter kit edit / delete

Kits for the GQRP LPF designs, £2.50 per band. Neat.

to electronics gqrp lpf qrp radio shopping ... on 07 September 2013

feral trade courier edit / delete

Mexican hot chocolate, anyone?

to amusements art food shopping ... on 29 July 2013

SellMyRetro Buy and Sell Retro Electronics Home Computers Arcade and Video Games Consoles edit / delete

Auction site for retrocomputing -- e.g. some Amiga stuff here.

to auction retrocomputing shopping ... on 20 July 2013

Abex edit / delete

Another UK surplus test equipment dealer.

to shopping surplus test-equipment ... on 08 June 2013

BeagleBoard.org - BeagleBone Black edit / delete

This looks like it might have a reasonable Ethernet controller, although I'd need convincing about long-term kernel security support.

to arm beagleboard embedded shopping ... on 24 April 2013

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