Quake on an oscilloscope: A technical report edit / delete

Turning Quake into a vector game. Very neat!

to 3d games graphics quake scope test-equipment vector ... on 19 January 2015

Anachrocomputer's Blog: Fixing Tek 5000 Scopes edit / delete

He has the same Tek scope that I do -- and it sounds like the same power supply fault. Time to order some new capacitors...

to electronics psu repair scope tek test-equipment ... on 17 January 2015

GreenTrace - Home edit / delete

Small, old oscilloscopes. Sometimes it's good to specialise.

to retrotech scope test-equipment ... on 14 May 2010

Julian Bunn's Home Page edit / delete

Some very pretty Tek oscilloscopes.

to electronics retrotech scope tektronix ... on 26 August 2009

Audio, Verstärker, Meßgeräte und analoge Elektronik edit / delete

Various ancient test equipment, mostly in German.

to amplifier electronics retrotech scope ... on 26 August 2009

iceNINE Tech edit / delete

Good reference to the Tek 5000-series scopes (e.g. how the external display control works), and lots of their other stuff.

to electronics retrotech scope tektronix ... on 26 August 2009

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