Big Bear's Bulletin Board edit / delete

"These are the "Ramblings" of Bob Roberts and may not necessarily be the popular consensus, but rather things that have always worked for me, along with some "How to's" and ideas I have picked up on over my 40 years of fixin' coin-op stuff."

to arcade electronics games mechanica repair retrocomputing ... on 12 September 2017 edit / delete

gordonjcp's Range Rover forum. Interesting reading but I'm now pretty convinced I'd never want to own one!

to car mechanica range-rover repair retrotech ... on 15 January 2017

Briarsfield Hi-Fi - Projects page edit / delete

Advice on restoring various kinds of vintage hi-fi equipment.

to audio electronics hifi repair retrotech ... on 27 August 2016

SR60-Mod edit / delete

How to get the SR60 earphones apart. Mine have had enough abuse over the last 10+ years that I need to replace the cable...

to electronics grado headphones repair ... on 27 November 2015

Anachrocomputer's Blog: Fixing Tek 5000 Scopes edit / delete

He has the same Tek scope that I do -- and it sounds like the same power supply fault. Time to order some new capacitors...

to electronics psu repair scope tek test-equipment ... on 17 January 2015

martinjonestechnology | What's going on in the workshop? edit / delete

Interesting repair articles for various bits of test equipment and arcade boards.

to arcade electronics repair test-equipment ... on 03 October 2014

Rejuvenating Old Meters, February 1943 QST - RF Cafe edit / delete

Repairing and balancing mechanical meters. (I got here from an article about calibrating AVO meters...)

to electronics mechanica meter repair retrotech ... on 03 October 2014

Thinkpad Hacking: LED Backlight Conversions edit / delete

"Converting a Thinkpad from a CCFL to an LED backlight is a straightforward process, though there's some DIY involved." Pretty comprehensive.

to backlight ccfl electronics inverter laptop led repair thinkpad ... on 24 August 2014

Ray Carlsen's Home Page edit / delete

Repair guides for all the Commodore 8-bit machines and many of the peripherals (disk drives, monitors).

to 6502 8bit c128 c16 c64 commodore disk electronics monitor psu repair retrocomputing ... on 05 August 2014

90th IDPG Manuals edit / delete

A variety of US Army manuals. I came here via a link to the one on watch and clock repair -- but the manuals on how to run an army band (including instructions for violin repair and the instruction to avoid "violent, enervating jazz" when planning hospital concerts) are also fascinating.

to army clock etext manual mechanica military music repair retrotech watch ... on 10 July 2014

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