RaSCSI edit / delete

Using a Raspberry Pi to emulate a SCSI device. Doing this for the X68000 pictured is pretty cool, but I'm imagining it as a Philips laserdisc emulator for a Domesday system...

to electronics raspberry-pi retrocomputing scsi ... on 18 December 2017

SCSI2SD - code/src wiki edit / delete

"The SCSI Hard Drive Emulator for retro computing."

to electronics hard-disk retrocomputing scsi sd ... on 14 October 2016

Home page edit / delete

SCSI devices implemented using AVRs, among other fun things. (Repairing a DAT car stereo!)

to avr electronics microcontroller repair scsi ... on 17 March 2010

Microcomputer edit / delete

BBC Domesday info, including a schematic for the SCSI interface.

to bbc domesday retrocomputing scsi ... on 24 January 2010

DAT Audio on DDS Drives edit / delete

Includes wdat, a bit of Linux software that actually works with my SDT-9000.

to audio dat scsi software ... on 09 October 2006

The Adventures of Audio DAT in the SCSI Dimension edit / delete

Using DDS drives to read DAT tapes. Interesting.

to audio dat scsi tape ... on 16 September 2006

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