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"The RGBtoHDMI interface converts the "digital" RGB video signal from vintage computers like the BBC Micro or PC MDA/CGA/EGA to HDMI or DVI compatible with most modern TVs/Monitors. The interface comprises a Raspberry Pi Zero and a specially designed Hat containing a small CPLD."

to electronics raspberry-pi retrocomputing video ... on 31 December 2020

RaSCSI edit / delete

Using a Raspberry Pi to emulate a SCSI device. Doing this for the X68000 pictured is pretty cool, but I'm imagining it as a Philips laserdisc emulator for a Domesday system...

to electronics raspberry-pi retrocomputing scsi ... on 18 December 2017

ZR6AIC: Creating a 2m Fm Repeater with a Raspberry Pi (B) and a RTL dongle. edit / delete

As it says. They have a hat board with a 2m filter on; it could really use an amplifier too, I suspect.

to 2m fm radio raspberry-pi repeater sdr ... on 26 February 2017

shmups.system11.org • View topic - GBS 8200/8220 CFW Project edit / delete

Using a Raspberry Pi as a replacement controller for one of the common cheap video scaler boards. This lets you program the scaler chip to do additional Interesting Stuff(tm).

to arcade i2c raspberry-pi retrocomputing scaler video ... on 21 June 2016

JamesP6000/WsprryPi: Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter using NTP based frequency calibration edit / delete

"Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter using NTP based frequency calibration."

to beacon ham radio raspberry-pi transmitter wspr ... on 19 March 2016

nineties/py-videocore: Python library for GPGPU on Raspberry Pi edit / delete

VideoCore programming as an EDSL in Python. Neat!

to edsl gpu programming python raspberry-pi software videocore ... on 28 February 2016

ali1234/raspi-teletext edit / delete

Configuring the Raspberry Pi's graphics controller to generate a Teletext signal.

to raspberry-pi retrocomputing teletext tv video ... on 17 March 2015

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