Roll Scanning Information Page edit / delete

A very large collection of scanned piano rolls, converted to MIDI.

to history midi music piano piano-roll ... on 20 September 2017

Getting my Raspberry Pi set up for high-speed serial UART communication « edit / delete

More generally, how to make it do wacky baud rates -- which is what I'd need for MIDI.

to microcontroller midi raspberry-pi serial ... on 07 October 2012

synthclone - Synthesizer-cloning software - Google Project Hosting edit / delete

Automatically generate samples from a MIDI-controllable synth (or softsynth, player piano, etc.).

to audio midi music software synthesiser ... on 21 August 2012

Howto Build the eChanter - edit / delete

Two bagpipe-related links yesterday -- how to build a cheap-and-cheerful electronic practice chanter. This abuses AVR inputs as touch sensors.

to arduino avr bagpipe instrument midi ... on 27 February 2012

MIDI Message Table 1 edit / delete

Well-hidden, but very useful.

to midi ... on 17 March 2010

V-USB-MIDI edit / delete

USB MIDI device on an AVR, done entirely in software.

to avr midi usb ... on 14 March 2010

Arduino Forum - Touchpad Midi edit / delete

Using an ex-laptop touchpad to build a MIDI controller. I'll keep an eye out for a dead laptop to scavenge one from...

to arduino electronics midi ... on 27 November 2008

MMA Home Page edit / delete

Auto-accompaniment tool for Linux audio. Worth fiddling with.

to audio midi software ... on 15 October 2008

ztracker edit / delete

Open source MIDI tracker for Windows -- but based on SDL, so it might be worth looking into porting it.

to midi music software ... on 17 April 2007

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