drovak/os8diskserver · GitHub edit / delete

"This suite of programs allows anyone with a PDP-8/E or later to communicate with a modern computer". The server side's doing the same thing as my serial-disk-imaging setup, roughly.

to dec disk-imaging os8 pdp8 retrocomputing serial ... on 20 January 2015

Getting my Raspberry Pi set up for high-speed serial UART communication « FW.Hardijzer.nl edit / delete

More generally, how to make it do wacky baud rates -- which is what I'd need for MIDI.

to microcontroller midi raspberry-pi serial ... on 07 October 2012

PockeTerm - Briel Wiki edit / delete

Terminal based on a Propeller chip.

to microcontroller propeller retrocomputing serial terminal video ... on 27 July 2009

SB-Projects edit / delete

A page on the MPF-1B (albeit without mention of the BASIC, which makes me suspect it's either not a 1B or he doesn't have the BASIC manual/overlay), some Apple I stuff, and a neat RS232-based serial bus project. Some interesting bits on reverse-engineering and enhancing test equipment too.

to apple1 electronics mpf1 retrocomputing serial test-equipment ... on 06 May 2009

Need Tenma 72-6870 Protocol - sci.electronics.equipment | Google Groups edit / delete

RS-232 protocols for cheap meters (basically just an encoding of the display digits).

to electronics protocol serial ... on 06 December 2008

libVISCA Home Page edit / delete

Library (and tool) for driving the Sony camera that came with the Pioneer.

to camera serial software ... on 30 September 2008

sgabios - Google Code edit / delete

An option ROM for PCs that provides a serial console. Looks useful for extremely cheap clusters, which is presumably why Google have developed it...

to bios pc serial software ... on 16 September 2008

BBC serial cable edit / delete

How to build a cable that works better (for me) than the xferc one -- 19200 baud works with my BBC B. Note, however, that the DIN plug here is upside down!

to bbc electronics serial ... on 13 June 2007

Beyond Designs - PC Parallel and Serial Port Interfacing edit / delete

A couple of designs for discrete-component RS-232 interfaces.

to electronics serial ... on 25 July 2005

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