Dr. Hugo Holden's Electronics page edit / delete

"This website is dedicated to interesting and unusual electronics engineering projects in the field of radio receivers, transmitters, television and general electronics." Undersells itself quite a bit! There are some very detailed and well-written articles here about radio and TV restoration, and a few on test equiment and the Sol-20 computer.

to electronics radio retrocomputing retrotech sol-20 test-equipment tv ... on 25 March 2021

HP Memory Project edit / delete

The history of the Hewlett-Packard company, with lots of interesting documents (e.g. the internal newsletters from various eras).

to electronics history hp retrocomputing retrotech test-equipment ... on 22 January 2016

Tek 1720 - Trammell Hudson's Projects edit / delete

Some Tek vectorscopes can apparently be used as X-Y vector monitors...

to graphics oscilloscope retrocomputing tek test-equipment vector ... on 01 January 2016

1337 3310 tool • Hackaday.io edit / delete

"I'm building a portable multitool in the shell of a Nokia 3310 phone." It would probably be fairly easy to add a phone to the list of features, using a modern GSM/3G module...

to amusements electronics nokia phone test-equipment ... on 16 March 2015

Home · abhishek-kakkar/BeagleLogic Wiki edit / delete

Using the BeagleBone's PRUs as a logic analyser -- kernel module and firmware.

to beaglebone electronics logic-analyser test-equipment ... on 14 March 2015

Quake on an oscilloscope: A technical report edit / delete

Turning Quake into a vector game. Very neat!

to 3d games graphics quake scope test-equipment vector ... on 19 January 2015

Anachrocomputer's Blog: Fixing Tek 5000 Scopes edit / delete

He has the same Tek scope that I do -- and it sounds like the same power supply fault. Time to order some new capacitors...

to electronics psu repair scope tek test-equipment ... on 17 January 2015

martinjonestechnology | What's going on in the workshop? edit / delete

Interesting repair articles for various bits of test equipment and arcade boards.

to arcade electronics repair test-equipment ... on 03 October 2014

Capacitance Meter Mk II | PIC Tutorials edit / delete

Using an Arduino and no external components. Cute!

to arduino avr capacitance electronics meter microcontroller test-equipment ... on 27 April 2014

Abex edit / delete

Another UK surplus test equipment dealer.

to shopping surplus test-equipment ... on 08 June 2013

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