Visualizing MBTA Data edit / delete

Neat live visualisations, both of train locations and journey statistics.

to boston rail subway visualisation ... on 12 December 2016

Flame Graphs edit / delete

A pretty way of visualising profiler output.

to flame graph performance profiling visualisation ... on 14 October 2016

VisUAL - A highly visual ARM emulator edit / delete

"VisUAL has been developed as a cross-platform tool to make learning ARM Assembly language easier." From Imperial.

to arm assembler programming teaching visualisation ... on 28 February 2016

Visualizing Concurrency in Go ยท divan's blog edit / delete

The Go community reinventing what occam was doing in the 80s, again. I'm still not sure whether this is a positive thing or not.

to concurrency go visualisation ... on 28 February 2016

absorptions: The sound of the dialup, pictured edit / delete

What's actually going on when a 56k modem connections. Nice visualisation. (There's plenty of other cool stuff on this blog as well.)

to modem protocol visualisation ... on 24 March 2013

paean to wanderings edit / delete

Argh! *This* was the site I spent a good hour trying to find a few weeks ago, with nice visualisations of the structures of various CYOA books, showing how different genres of CYOA vary in terms of complexity.

to adventure cyoa fiction game if visualisation ... on 17 January 2013

Spectrum Tools edit / delete

Includes very pretty waterfall graphs. Worth stealing for an SDR project?

to graph radio sdr software spectrum test-equipment visualisation ... on 15 October 2012

PyXPlot - A data processing, graph plotting and vector graphics suite edit / delete

Looks like a decent replacement for gnuplot. I find it entertaining that this has a similarly misleading name -- gnuplot isn't a GNU program, and PyXPlot isn't Python-based!

to chart graph graphics software visualisation ... on 15 October 2011

Gnuplot tricks edit / delete

Doing *really* silly things with gnuplot.

to gnuplot graphing maths statistics visualisation ... on 29 September 2011

Gnuplot tricks: Basic statistics with gnuplot edit / delete

Doing silly things with gnuplot. I'm not really convinced that any of this is a good idea.

to gnuplot graphing maths statistics visualisation ... on 29 September 2011

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