hrvach/espple: Apple 1 Emulator with PAL RF Output edit / delete

SDR transmission of a PAL video signal with the ESP8266. Neat!

to apple emulation esp8266 pal rf sdr video ... on 24 October 2018

ZR6AIC: Creating a 2m Fm Repeater with a Raspberry Pi (B) and a RTL dongle. edit / delete

As it says. They have a hat board with a 2m filter on; it could really use an amplifier too, I suspect.

to 2m fm radio raspberry-pi repeater sdr ... on 26 February 2017

simonyiszk/csdr: A simple DSP library and command-line tool for Software Defined Radio. edit / delete

SDR pipeline tools for Unix. The author's done various neat stuff involving FM subcarriers with this.

to dsp fm radio sdr software unix ... on 11 October 2016 edit / delete

Various time-and-frequency projects, including a Beaglebone Black-based wideband SDR that looks pretty neat.

to electronics hp ntp reverse-engineering rf sdr time ... on 08 June 2015

mcHF QRP transceiver | Small and inexpensive homebrew HF radio edit / delete

Using SDR techniques but in a conventional integrated-radio form factor.

to ham hf qrp radio sdr ... on 25 May 2014

palosaari (Antti Palosaari) ยท GitHub edit / delete

Currently developing an SDR API for V4L, so there'll be a standard way of driving RTL-SDR-like devices. Neat!

to api linux rtlsdr sdr v4l ... on 26 January 2014

SDR with Raspberry Pi and DVB-T receivers | edit / delete

FM broadcast and APRS reception.

to aprs broadcast fm raspberry-pi rtlsdr sdr ... on 14 December 2013

Playing a bit with the RTL-SDR stick I h ... / 2013-05-27 - Koos van den Hout edit / delete

APRS reception with an RTL-SDR stick.

to aprs rtlsdr sdr ... on 14 December 2013

bistromath/gr-ais edit / delete

GNU Radio AIS decoder.

to ais gnuradio maritime sdr ... on 14 December 2013

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