K5BCQ kits edit / delete

Another Si570-based VFO kit, this one using an 8-pin MCU and a serial LCD display. They sell the displays too (cheap!).

to electronics radio si570 vfo ... on 16 October 2009

Clifton Laboratories Home edit / delete

Reviews of SDR kits, including the sdr-kits.net VFO; worth reading if you're interested in that kit.

to electronics sdr vfo ... on 16 October 2009

SDR-Kits edit / delete

UK supplier of (currently a rather limited selection of) Softrock kits, and Si570-based VFOs.

to electronics ham radio sdr shopping si570 softrock vfo ... on 16 October 2009

Tuning VFOs without air variable capacitors edit / delete

Using transistors as varicaps.

to electronics varicap vfo ... on 16 October 2009

progetti_eng edit / delete

Various radio-related designs, including yet another PIC frequency counter and VFO. The SWR/power meter is pretty cute.

to electronics frequency ham radio vfo ... on 05 October 2009

Multi-Purpose VFO :: HamRadioIndia edit / delete

Development of the RM-96 VFO, with some suggestions for making it better-behaved.

to electronics vfo ... on 05 October 2009

RM 96 Transreceiver edit / delete

Nice simple 7MHz design from India -- which has the advantage that it's mostly easy-to-get parts. The VFO in particular looks useful.

to electronics ham radio vfo ... on 05 October 2009

Dr Andrew Smith edit / delete

The SI570-based VFO is particularly interesting.

to dds electronics ham radio si570 vfo ... on 04 October 2009


Radio projects from Brazil. There's a good page on building a Colpitts VFO, among lots of other stuff.

to electronics ham radio vfo ... on 03 October 2009

LCD Digital Dial DDS VFO edit / delete

Nice simple-looking DDS kit based on an AD chip.

to dds electronics ham oscillator radio vfo ... on 22 September 2009

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