uBITX -A compact HF transceiver edit / delete

Applying the BITX philosophy (good performance out of absurdly cheap parts) to a multiband SSB radio. The trick here is using an Si oscillator chip that can provide three separate outputs -- so you can do things like switching sidebands by tweaking one oscillator either side of the final filter frequency. Very neat!

to arduino bitx electronics ham radio receiver ssb ... on 10 December 2017

Projects edit / delete

Huge collection of the author's electronics projects, mostly from the 60s-80s, including a series of small telephone switches.

to electronics ham homebrew radio retrocomputing tv-typewriter ... on 28 August 2016

JamesP6000/WsprryPi: Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter using NTP based frequency calibration edit / delete

"Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter using NTP based frequency calibration."

to beacon ham radio raspberry-pi transmitter wspr ... on 19 March 2016

Homepage of Uuki OH2GVB edit / delete

Some useful notes on the Baofeng/Wouxun cheapie handhelds, but the rest of this is also quite interesting, particularly the repairs to test equipment. (I need to keep an eye out for one of those HP spectrum analysers...)

to baofeng ham radio uhf vhf wouxun ... on 15 November 2015

The Sproutie MK II HF Regen Receiver | Dave Richards AA7EE edit / delete

A very impressive shortwave receiver, using an HRO-style tuning control, a regenerative frontend and a load of multistage audio filters.

to electronics ham hf radio receiver regen shortwave ... on 23 September 2015

Amplitude Demodulating BPSK31 | Analog Zoo edit / delete

Since PSK31 is both phase- and amplitude-modulated, you can completely ignore the phase modulation and just envelope-detect it!

to digital-modes electronics ham modulation psk31 radio ... on 03 January 2015

My Hobbies: Met Balloon Hunting | RF Head – HAB & Ham Radio Experimentation edit / delete

"Every 6 hours (0,6,12,18 UTC), the Bureau of Meteorology (the BOM), launch a weather balloon. Where they land depends on mainly on atmospheric wind conditions at the time of launch. Some days, I'm out chasing them."

to ham radio radiosonde rdf rf ... on 28 May 2014

mcHF QRP transceiver | Small and inexpensive homebrew HF radio edit / delete

Using SDR techniques but in a conventional integrated-radio form factor.

to ham hf qrp radio sdr ... on 25 May 2014

FreeDV | HomePage edit / delete

Digital voice mode based on codec2. Must have a play with this at some point, although I think the chances of me hearing anything are slim...

to codec2 dv ham hf radio ... on 11 February 2013

W2UW FET-1 edit / delete

The original transistor-on-a-four-pole-switch transceiver.

to electronics fet ham radio reflex ... on 27 February 2012

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