SV3ORA website edit / delete

Huge collection of QRP radio projects, and a few bits of retrocomputing (e.g. ZX80, Jupiter Ace and IBM XT clones).

to ace antenna electronics pc qrp radio receiver retrocomputing vectrex zx80 ... on 29 June 2020

Radio Netherlands Receiver Shopping List edit / delete

Via the Internet Archive. This varied a bit over time.

to electronics hf radio receiver review ... on 10 November 2019

uBITX -A compact HF transceiver edit / delete

Applying the BITX philosophy (good performance out of absurdly cheap parts) to a multiband SSB radio. The trick here is using an Si oscillator chip that can provide three separate outputs -- so you can do things like switching sidebands by tweaking one oscillator either side of the final filter frequency. Very neat!

to arduino bitx electronics ham radio receiver ssb ... on 10 December 2017

The Sproutie MK II HF Regen Receiver | Dave Richards AA7EE edit / delete

A very impressive shortwave receiver, using an HRO-style tuning control, a regenerative frontend and a load of multistage audio filters.

to electronics ham hf radio receiver regen shortwave ... on 23 September 2015

Amazing All-Band Receiver edit / delete

Crystal set with no preselector -- so it receives everything nearby. Looks like an interesting project.

to electronics radio receiver to-build ... on 19 June 2012

Very Simple ADSB receiver edit / delete

Using a microcontroller and a VCR tuner module.

to ads-b aircraft electronics microcontroller radio receiver ... on 29 September 2011

Radio Projects - VK3AJG edit / delete

Several SSB/DSB transceivers. The 2m one is pretty cool.

to electronics radio receiver transmitter vhf ... on 25 June 2011

designing superregenerative receivers edit / delete

For those who're mystified by how they work.

to electronics radio receiver ... on 28 November 2010


Various stuff, including some very simple frequency counters (see Hans Summers' site for more), and a Radio-4-locked frequency reference.

to counter electronics frequency ham oscillator qrp radio receiver ... on 22 September 2009

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