SV3ORA website edit / delete

Huge collection of QRP radio projects, and a few bits of retrocomputing (e.g. ZX80, Jupiter Ace and IBM XT clones).

to ace antenna electronics pc qrp radio receiver retrocomputing vectrex zx80 ... on 29 June 2020

ZX Resource Centre - Sinclair ZX Interface 2, ZX Spectrum 128 and ZX80 edit / delete

Various ZX80/81/Spectrum mods, including RGB output. There's lots of interesting information here but the wacky navigational structure makes it hard to find...

to electronics retrocomputing rgb sinclair spectrum video zx80 zx81 ... on 05 March 2015

Grant's hardware homepage edit / delete

DIY ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter Ace, UK101, etc.

to ace electronics jupiter retrocomputing sinclair uk101 zx80 zx81 ... on 31 October 2012

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