ZXNet edit / delete

Various Teletext stuff, including using vhs-teletext and generating proper Teletext signals for TVs. Mods and tech info for later Sinclair computers. Some stuff on NBTV.

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Bob's Stuff edit / delete

A collection of very impressive modern games for the ZX81 and Spectrum. Includes several with novel approaches to graphics -- e.g. isometric 3D on the ZX81, and coloured ASCII art on the Spectrum.

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ByteDelight.com | Welcome! edit / delete

New Spectrum hardware, including new PCBs using 74HC chips (i.e. no ULA) based on Chris Smith's work.

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ZX Resource Centre - Sinclair ZX Interface 2, ZX Spectrum 128 and ZX80 edit / delete

Various ZX80/81/Spectrum mods, including RGB output. There's lots of interesting information here but the wacky navigational structure makes it hard to find...

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Vinyl Data | Kempa.com edit / delete

Hidden data tracks on 80s albums. The Spectrum was popular.

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! Brain transplant of a 30 year old printer. - Danny Chouinard's doodads edit / delete

Hey -- I've got one of these! (Actually, I think I have one complete one, and parts of a broken one that I dismantled.) These were sold with different branding as a more capable alternative to the Sinclair ZX Printer in the UK.

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An impressive collection of Eastern Bloc hardware -- including lots of Spectrum clones.

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speccy.info edit / delete

Comprehensive Russian ZX Spectrum site -- lots of information. (Presumably more useful if you can read Russian.)

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HellZXcreiber • Hackaday Projects edit / delete

Hellschreiber receiver for the Spectrum, using the tape interface. Presumably you could do a transmitter as well with minimal hardware...

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Welcome to Simon N Goodwin's home page, Simon.mooli.org.uk, September 2012 remix edit / delete

Simon N. Goodwin, who wrote for many of the 80s/90s magazines I used to read. His articles and software (and 4-track music!).

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