Multics Wiki edit / delete

"The purpose of this wiki is to provide information to users wishing to run Multics under the DPS8M emulator." Multics 6.12e came out this year! It's aliiiivee!

to bull emulation multics retrocomputing ... on 18 October 2016

ctm/executor: old-school Macintosh Emulator edit / delete

MacOS 6 emulator in the WINE style, i.e. a reimplementation of the API.

to apple emulation mac macos retrocomputing ... on 18 October 2016

mGBA edit / delete

An accurate GBA emulator.

to emulation gba nintendo retrocomputing ... on 21 June 2016

MVT for APL edit / delete

Canned Hercules installation for people who want to play with APL. This would make a fun calculator application...

to apl emulation hercules ibm mvt retrocomputing ... on 21 June 2016

The Dragon's Lair Project edit / delete

Emulation of LaserDisc games.

to arcade emulation games laserdisc retrotech ... on 01 May 2016

unMAMEd arcade games edit / delete

Games that aren't in MAME -- in some cases because they don't actually exist ("Rhinoceros Bar Command").

to arcade emulation games history mame ... on 01 May 2016

CP/M-68K edit / delete

Resurrecting a CP/M-68K machine, and running the OS under emulation.

to 68000 cpm emulation retrocomputing ... on 28 March 2016

Aaron's MAME Memories edit / delete

Some anecdotes on early MAME development.

to amusements emulation history mame ... on 19 March 2016

Compucolor II Tribute edit / delete

Early micro with a colour display. This is a really interesting hardware design, with an unusual disk interface (abusing the test mode of a TI serial chip!) and Teletext-style graphics. Includes a Javascript emulator and a collection of disk images.

to compucolor emulation floppy retrocomputing ... on 27 February 2016

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