C H D edit / delete

He's got some nice PDP-8 and PDP-11 stuff, and bits of a PDP-14 industrial controller.

to electronics m68k pdp retrocomputing vax ... on 15 April 2009

David G. Conroy edit / delete

FPGA versions of the PDP-4 and PDP-8, and some bits about the first Alpha PC that DEC made.

to alpha fpga pdp retrocomputing ... on 20 January 2006

PDP-8 for RealConsole edit / delete

Building your own PDP-8 front panel for a 6809-based (very slow!) emulator.

to digital electronics emulation pdp retrocomputing ... on 16 November 2005

The DEC Emulation Webpage edit / delete

Includes vast heaps of documentation, software, setup guides, links to emulators, and so on.

to digital pdp retrocomputing ... on 16 November 2005

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