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A computer collection including (nearly?) every model of PS/2, with pictures. I don't find these machines very exciting, but this is certainly a useful spotter's guide...

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Микроконтроллеры и микропроцессоры / Продукты / Ангстрем edit / delete

Russian electronics company Angstrem, who still advertise their PDP-11 and VAX clone CPUs. I wonder whether they sell them in hobbyist quantities?

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Homepage Kees Stravers PB0AIA edit / delete

I don't have too many old computers. This guy has too many old computers.

to dec retrocomputing vax ... on 30 May 2009

C H D edit / delete

He's got some nice PDP-8 and PDP-11 stuff, and bits of a PDP-14 industrial controller.

to electronics m68k pdp retrocomputing vax ... on 15 April 2009

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