The Web Site to Remember National Semiconductor's Series 32000 Family edit / delete

As used by the Acorn Cambridge Workstation, and a variety of other wacky platforms. Lots of interesting stuff.

to 16032 32016 cpu national-semiconductor retrocomputing ... on 21 June 2016

DTACK GROUNDED Archive edit / delete

"The Journal of Simple 68000 Systems".

to 68000 cpu electronics motorola retrocomputing ... on 03 March 2016

Микроконтроллеры и микропроцессоры / Продукты / Ангстрем edit / delete

Russian electronics company Angstrem, who still advertise their PDP-11 and VAX clone CPUs. I wonder whether they sell them in hobbyist quantities?

to cpu electronics pdp11 retrocomputing russia soviet vax ... on 24 June 2015

Микросхемы edit / delete

Forum for Belorussian electronics company Transistor, where one of the moderators has been enthusiastically digging up and scanning old datasheets. This includes the KA1835 PDP-11 clone series, as used in the Elektronika MK-90.

to cpu datasheet electronics pdp11 retrocomputing soviet ... on 24 June 2015

Zusie - My Relay Computer edit / delete

This includes the seemingly-standard cheat of using semiconductor RAM, though... still a very neat project!

to cpu homebrew relay retrocomputing ... on 17 March 2015

Gordon Bell: Computers, Projects, Patents, Books, and Papers edit / delete

This includes electronic versions of many of his classic books on computer architecture -- very good stuff.

to ag0803 architecture cpu design electronics etext performance retrocomputing ... on 18 January 2015

Modern Microprocessors - A 90 Minute Guide! edit / delete

This covers nearly all of the architecture side of AG0803, and some more stuff besides; a nice overview.

to ag0803 architecture cpu memory performance pipelining superscalar ... on 24 August 2014 forums :: View topic - Birdman's Die Shot Collection edit / delete

Links to pictures of all sorts of CPUs. (The one I was after -- the Russian 8085 clone -- isn't here, though!)

to chip cpu die electronics photo semiconductor ... on 22 August 2014

Notes on Intel Microcode Updates edit / delete

Reverse-engineering Intel's microcode update mechanism.

to cpu intel microcode reverse-engineering security ... on 16 June 2014

Laughton Electronics | does what other contractors can't or won't edit / delete

Some great reverse engineering, and a couple of interesting homebrew CPU designs: a 14500-ish 1-bit CPU using an EPROM, and a 24-bit extension to the 6502.

to 6502 cpu electronics homebrew microcontroller microprocessor repair reverse-engineering ... on 27 April 2014

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