Jonah Probell - The Lexra Story edit / delete

Why Lexra CPUs (which you're mostly likely to encounter in Realtek router chips) don't have some of the MIPS instructions.

to cpu lexra mips processor-design ... on 16 April 2013

Debian HOWTOs edit / delete

Installing Debian on various embedded machines. The SheevaPlug might be what I'm after; it's slightly more expensive than I'd like.

to arm debian embedded install mips ... on 02 August 2012

Debian on an emulated ARM machine edit / delete

Installing Debian inside QEMU for various architectures. I should set this up on manof to get more wacky Transterpreter architectures building...

to arm cross-building debian emulation mips qemu sparc ... on 06 May 2009

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