WhyTheName - Debian Wiki edit / delete

"An IT-etymology/linuxguistics page for people wondering "how come the package yasysmand-cling has such a strange name?""

to debian naming open-source software ... on 14 October 2016

Debiania — Migrating to LVM on LUKS edit / delete

Constructing an LVM-on-LUKS setup by hand that's the same as the Debian installer will make.

to debian encryption linux luks lvm security ... on 07 June 2015

ESL (JBR i18n) edit / delete

Tips on writing technical documentation (specifically, for Debian) for people who've learned English as a second language. This has a nice list of common pitfalls for translators, and some notes on English grammar rules you might have been taught that don't actually match real usage.

to ag0700 debian documentation english i18n language technical translation writing ... on 28 August 2014

OpenRating - Debian Wiki edit / delete

Using DebTags to describe the contents of games (and presumably of other artworks).

to debian ethics games rating ... on 12 March 2014

Debian Sources | Debian sources edit / delete

Browse source code for Debian packages. Handy!

to debian open-source software source ... on 11 July 2013

How To Build Debian From Source Code for Mele edit / delete

Bootstrapping Debian, a kernel, etc. by hand. I really want somewhere between those two approaches.

to a10 arm cubieboard debian linux ... on 24 March 2013

grml.org - Debian Live system / CD for sysadmins and texttool-users edit / delete

The rescue CD I use that I keep forgetting the name of.

to cd debian grml linux rescue software ... on 12 January 2013

mentors.debian.net - fvwm edit / delete

Rather newer FVWM for Debian.

to debian fvwm ... on 09 November 2012

Debian HOWTOs edit / delete

Installing Debian on various embedded machines. The SheevaPlug might be what I'm after; it's slightly more expensive than I'd like.

to arm debian embedded install mips ... on 02 August 2012

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