Sources for Scots pronunciation in the Eighteenth Century edit / delete

Reverse-engineering C18 Scots pronunciation from English grammarians complaining about it. There's a surprising amount of information there.

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Scots Threip edit / delete

John M. Tait's pretty comprehensive (and often very entertainingly angry) site on the development of language standards for Scots. Lots of useful information and references here from this folksinger's perspective.

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Scandinavian Influence... edit / delete

"This work aims primarily at giving a list of Scandinavian loanwords found in Scottish literature."

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How Romance languages differ. The comments have some similar examples for other language families.

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Language Log » Academic rubbish edit / delete

This was doing the rounds when I was teaching in Beijing in 2019...

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Scots Syntax Atlas edit / delete

Interesting project looking at syntactical differences in different regional versions of Scots. (Presumably because they were only looking at syntax, all the examples are transcribed with English spellings, which feels a bit odd...)

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"Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mongolian language site" edit / delete

I'd previously seen the Chinese poetry in Pink Floyd lyrics section of this site, but there's a lot of interesting stuff here about the relationships between different Asian languages and writing systems.

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ESL (JBR i18n) edit / delete

Tips on writing technical documentation (specifically, for Debian) for people who've learned English as a second language. This has a nice list of common pitfalls for translators, and some notes on English grammar rules you might have been taught that don't actually match real usage.

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Jane Austen Fiction Manuscripts: Home edit / delete

"The Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts Digital Edition gathers together in the virtual space of the web some 1100 pages of fiction written in Jane Austen’s own hand." I'm not really very interested in Jane Austen's fiction itself, but the details of how the manuscripts were preserved and digitised are really interesting.

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Dictionary of the Scots Language edit / delete

"The Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) comprises electronic editions of the two major historical dictionaries of the Scots language: the 12-volume Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the 10-volume Scottish National Dictionary (SND)." The introductory material is very interesting.

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