Continuation Passing C (CPC) — Gabriel Kerneis edit / delete

Translates C with concurrency primitives into plain C using continuation-passing. Would be useful as a backend for Tock, say.

to c compiler concurrency continuations coroutines software ... on 15 May 2011

Bluish Coder: Narrative Javascript edit / delete

Process-oriented code using continuations. It'd be interesting to implement an occam-style environment on top of this.

to concurrency continuations javascript programming research ... on 30 May 2006

Web continuations - RIFE - Confluence edit / delete

Another continuations library for Java; this one supports something more along the lines of generators/mobile processes.

to concurrency continuations java programming research web ... on 23 May 2006

Commons Javaflow - Overview edit / delete

Jakarta's bytecode-fiddling implementation of continuations in Java.

to concurrency continuations java programming research ... on 23 May 2006

Advanced Control Flow - Continuations edit / delete

Sample "we can't do this, but..." process-oriented web code from the Cocoon manual.

to concurrency continuations programming research web ... on 23 May 2006

Computational Theology : Weblog edit / delete

The more interesting question, I feel, is whether it'd be possible to use a process-oriented approach for building web apps, where you have channels to and from the user, and your code to interact with a single user is a process. Something to play with in

to concurrency continuations design language programming research web ... on 20 May 2006

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