Rigorous Benchmarking in Reasonable Time - Kent Academic Repository edit / delete

Tomas Kalibera and Richard Jones' paper on how to do benchmarking that's actually meaningful -- presenting results as confidence intervals for effect sizes, with techniques to establish i.i.d. results and work out how many repetitions you need to do. Very nice work for a pretty short paper! (I've spent most of today chasing references from this in the interests of understanding the maths behind it...)

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Statistically rigorous Java performance evaluation edit / delete

One of the papers that inspired Tomas/Richard's rigorous benchmarking work. This is a much simpler strategy, involving looking for overlapping confidence intervals -- which is statistically pretty dubious, but common in other disciplines...

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The Universe of Discourse : Why I like Java edit / delete

"Java is neither a good nor a bad language. It is a mediocre language [...]". Quite.

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Home - erjang - GitHub edit / delete

Erlang -- with lightweight processes -- running on the JVM. JVM Transterpreter, anybody?

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Cibyl - SpelWiki edit / delete

Utterly bizarre cool idea: a translator from MIPS binaries to Java bytecode, so that you can compile C to the JVM using GCC.

to bytecode compiler java research translation ... on 02 September 2006

CSP for Java programmers, Part 1 edit / delete

An introduction to JCSP with some decent general descriptions at the start.

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Web continuations - RIFE - Confluence edit / delete

Another continuations library for Java; this one supports something more along the lines of generators/mobile processes.

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Commons Javaflow - Overview edit / delete

Jakarta's bytecode-fiddling implementation of continuations in Java.

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Pnuts User's Guide edit / delete

A scripting language for the Java VM. Apparently very fast.

to design java language programming research ... on 10 March 2006

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