ferd.ca -> An Open Letter to the Erlang Beginner (or Onlooker) edit / delete

A nice overview of what's unique about Erlang (the concurrency stuff is obvious, but the error handling is equally neat).

to concurrency erlang exceptions language-design programming safety ... on 24 May 2014

The Trouble with Erlang Concurrency | Tim Fox's blog edit / delete

The specific point is that the actor model makes it difficult to distribute a service (which isn't a problem when you have explicit channels -- you just use an any-to-any channel). The general point is that providing one model isn't helpful when that model doesn't work for your problem.

to concurrency erlang language-design research ... on 26 June 2011

Introduction to Erlang for the Cleveland Python Users Group (ClePy) | The Bath Not Taken edit / delete

Erlang (from a concurrency rather than functional perspective) for Python users.

to concurrency erlang python teaching tutorial ... on 27 February 2011

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Concurrency | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good! edit / delete

An introduction to concurrent programming in Erlang. Right on the money.

to concurrency erlang teaching ... on 01 August 2010

Home - erjang - GitHub edit / delete

Erlang -- with lightweight processes -- running on the JVM. JVM Transterpreter, anybody?

to concurrency erlang java lwp ... on 12 July 2010

McErlang edit / delete

Model-checker for Erlang, using a modified runtime library (much like Neil's CHP-to-CSP trick).

to concurrency erlang model-checking ... on 01 June 2009

Joe Armstrong SICS home page edit / delete

A useful presentation on what Erlang people mean by COP -- i.e. what we call POP -- and some stuff on handling errors, which POP doesn't do at the moment.

to concurrency cop erlang reliability research ... on 13 June 2006

Concurrent Programming edit / delete

Basic parallel programming in Erlang. Their syntax looks somewhat occam-inspired.

to erlang parallel parallel-survey research ... on 21 April 2005

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