Undefined Behavior in 2017 – Embedded in Academia edit / delete

A really nice overview of undefined behaviour in C-family languages. Tempted to do a lecture on this for CMP201, although I suspect the students would find it rather depressing...

to c c++ language-design safety undefined-behaviour ... on 13 September 2017

A nice, little known C feature: Static array indices in parameter declarations edit / delete

"void bar(int myArray[static 10]);" On the other hand, compilers that actually do something useful with this are rare. And the syntax is pretty horrible -- especially when you're using it to indicate a non-NULL pointer.

to c language-design safety ... on 10 February 2017

Safety investigations & reports edit / delete

Rail and others.

to accidents australia safety ... on 14 October 2016

Checked C - Microsoft Research edit / delete

C with bounds checking. Very C++-ish; I was hoping they'd done something smarter.

to bounds-checking c language-design safety security ... on 28 August 2016

ferd.ca -> An Open Letter to the Erlang Beginner (or Onlooker) edit / delete

A nice overview of what's unique about Erlang (the concurrency stuff is obvious, but the error handling is equally neat).

to concurrency erlang exceptions language-design programming safety ... on 24 May 2014

Cryptography Coding Standard edit / delete

Patterns for secure cryptographic software (e.g. same comparisons).

to cryptography patterns programming safety security ... on 27 April 2014

The Power of Ten -- Rules for Writing Safety Critical Code edit / delete

This largely matches what I'd recommend anyway, but perhaps I should encourage students to make more use of assertions. This could be summarised as "make it possible to do static analysis on your code".

to ag0700 c coding-style safety static-analysis ... on 26 March 2014

THE SIGNAL BOX: Home Signal edit / delete

"This web site is all about railway signalling. Its primary purpose is to describe the principles behind railway signalling in Great Britain, but some coverage of signalling around the world will also be found." With copious pictures.

to mechanica railway retrotech safety signalling ... on 07 September 2013

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