OpenRailwayMap edit / delete

An interesting subset of OpenStreetMap.

to map railway transport ... on 22 April 2016

Introduction | Swindon Panel Society edit / delete

A group with an ambitious plan to preserve one of the first big centralised railway signalling systems.

to history railway retrotech signalling swindon ... on 17 March 2015

SigBox Website - Home edit / delete

"St Albans Signal Box Preservation Trust: Established by volunteers to restore and preserve the St Albans South signal box as part of our railway and architectural heritage." Should I ever find myself in St. Albans, this looks worth a visit.

to museum railway signalling ... on 17 March 2015

Adrian the Rock - British Railway Signalling edit / delete

A very large collection of pictures of railway signals in the UK, including typical and unusual installations. I came here looking to find out what places were still using semaphore signals, and several hours later was still happily clicking away...

to amusements engineering railway retrotech signalling ... on 17 March 2015

Andrew M. Odlyzko edit / delete

There's various well-written, interesting material here on the historical intersection of economics and technology (e.g. railways and the Internet); the best are collected on the "technology and financial manias" page. Why the Internet bubble was nothing new, and probably didn't have the impact you thought it had.

to amusements business economics etext history internet railway ... on 18 January 2015

The Light Straw Domain edit / delete

Assorted kinds of retrotech.

to history railway retrotech telecom telephone ... on 13 November 2013

THE SIGNAL BOX: Home Signal edit / delete

"This web site is all about railway signalling. Its primary purpose is to describe the principles behind railway signalling in Great Britain, but some coverage of signalling around the world will also be found." With copious pictures.

to mechanica railway retrotech safety signalling ... on 07 September 2013

Accident at Carr Bridge on 4th January 2010 :: The Railways Archive edit / delete

This is the recent one involving trap points that turned out to have been installed as a result of a WW2 accident: "Accident at Aviemore - Carrbridge on 5th March 1940".

to accidents railway ... on 11 August 2013

Stokers and pokers (Open Library) edit / delete

"or, The London and North Western Railway, the electric telegraph and the Railway Clearing House". An amusing 1849 memoir on the early railways.

to etext history railway retrotech ... on 24 March 2013

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