Colossal Cave Adventure Map edit / delete

"My map is based on my perception of the Colossal Cave Adventure 350 point version game".

to adventure art games if map ... on 12 September 2017

OpenSeaMap - Weather edit / delete

Based on OSM. Very nice!

to map weather ... on 01 May 2016

OpenRailwayMap edit / delete

An interesting subset of OpenStreetMap.

to map railway transport ... on 22 April 2016

Source code edit / delete

Various neat (and mostly short) bits of code from one of the Plan 9 contributors. antiquicksort -- which automatically derives worst-case input for Quicksort implementations -- is pretty neat.

to algorithm map software sorting wordplay ... on 17 October 2012

Find QTH locator or map square edit / delete

... by clicking on a map. Works well.

to ham locator maidenhead map radio ... on 24 October 2010

Emerillon edit / delete

OSM map viewer.

to map software to-package ... on 10 August 2010

Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions edit / delete

The awesome UA live shipping map. This means I can identify the ships outside my window...

to map radio sea shipping transport ... on 03 August 2010 edit / delete

Geographically accurate tube map.

to map tube ... on 07 March 2005

Whole-Earth Images edit / delete

I've got the NASA full-resolution images on CD.

to earth image map ... on 18 January 2005

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