Creating Adventure Games On Your Computer edit / delete

Interesting to compare with the Usborne book. This was clearly written by someone who'd actually seen the Dungeon source, since it uses a "travel table" approach.

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:: CASA :: Pirate Byte edit / delete

"The December 1980 issue of Byte Magazine contained the full TRS-80 BASIC source code of Pirate Adventure, written by Mr. Scott Adams and his wife Alexis". Scans of the articles.

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2600 Connection edit / delete

Various "how to play arcade games" books; also includes Warren Robinett's history of 2600 Adventure, which is very interesting.

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GUE - Home edit / delete

Information about early home computer software -- mostly IF or adventure-game related, mostly American. Includes scans of feelies, etc.

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MUD1 edit / delete

"You have arrived at the home of the game Multi-User Dungeon, or MUD, also known to former players on CompuServe as British Legends."

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The OS/8 Adventure Home Page edit / delete

Adventure for the PDP-8.

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GDC: Me at Indie Soapbox, Ranting about Text | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling edit / delete

Some examples of interesting text-based games from Emily Short.

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Various experiments in IF storytelling -- mostly Javascript now.

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Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online edit / delete

A notable series of Apple mostly-PD games. (Via Jimmy Maher.)

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