F-15C Flight Simulator Project edit / delete

... using the cockpit from a real F-15C -- the only privately-owned example. The challenge then is buying all the missing panels and controls!

to aircraft electronics f15 game mechanica simulator video ... on 18 December 2017

paean to wanderings edit / delete

Argh! *This* was the site I spent a good hour trying to find a few weeks ago, with nice visualisations of the structures of various CYOA books, showing how different genres of CYOA vary in terms of complexity.

to adventure cyoa fiction game if visualisation ... on 17 January 2013

How to Host a Dungeon edit / delete

A solo tabletop game for constructing histories of dungeons. Neat.

to game rpg ... on 24 March 2012

Game Physics Simulation edit / delete

Open-source game physics library.

to ag0801 game physics software ... on 30 March 2011

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