Dr James B. Calvert edit / delete

A site about... everything. I think I got here via the comprehensive section on railway signalling, then got sucked into the tutorial on ancient Greek and the history of the telegraph.

to greek history latin linguistics maths physics railways science telegraph ... on 18 January 2015

Game Physics Simulation edit / delete

Open-source game physics library.

to ag0801 game physics software ... on 30 March 2011

Rope and Gear Testing edit / delete

Physics for rock climbers.

to climbing knots physics rope ... on 15 October 2010

NEC2 Translated from FORTRAN to C edit / delete

... and this is NEC2 in C, but it also includes a nice GTK GUI.

to antenna electronics physics software to-package ... on 16 September 2010

Otago Electronics Group - Main Site edit / delete

C++ port of the NEC2 aerial design software.

to antenna electronics physics radio software to-package ... on 16 September 2010

Donald Simanek's Pages; science, pseudoscience, education, humor. edit / delete

Lots of good stuff on early science, pseudoscience, and physics puzzles.

to amusements physics science teaching ... on 05 October 2009

Internet Archive: Free Download: Songs and fables. Illus. by F.B edit / delete

By William Rankine. Filk from 1874, including a song about imperial units to the tune of The Lincolnshire Poacher.

to filk history maths music physics ... on 23 August 2009

Numpty Physics edit / delete

Free game along the lines of Crayon Physics (for Maemo at the moment).

to games physics software ... on 07 January 2009

Greg Egan's Home Page edit / delete

Writer of "Luminous", and general all-round science cool guy.

to amusements physics science sf writing ... on 17 November 2006

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