SV3ORA website edit / delete

Huge collection of QRP radio projects, and a few bits of retrocomputing (e.g. ZX80, Jupiter Ace and IBM XT clones).

to ace antenna electronics pc qrp radio receiver retrocomputing vectrex zx80 ... on 29 June 2020

Re-purposing Vaisala RS92 Radiosondes as L-Band Active Antennae | RF Head – HAB & Ham Radio Experimentation edit / delete

I've got one of these sitting around somewhere (which Carl found on the UKC campus).

to antenna electronics lband radio radiosonde reverse-engineering ... on 30 December 2017

PY1AHD ALEX - Alexandre Grimberg - py1ahd edit / delete

A magnetic loop antenna with a highly entertaining tuning capacitor construction.

to antenna capacitor electronics loop radio ... on 21 June 2016

Technical Inforamation - Active Antenna Amplifier Ham Kit edit / delete

Kit version of LZ1AQ's active antenna design, for both loops and dipoles (or two loops used as a dipole!). Neat.

to active antenna electronics radio ... on 18 March 2013

BBC RD - Publications - White Paper 132 : Dipole Antennas edit / delete

Excellent overview of dipoles and variations thereof (folded dipoles, cones, discones, etc.).

to antenna dipole electronics hf radio vhf ... on 08 March 2013

-DeeT's Hacks Page edit / delete

Simple Joe Meek-style audio compressor (and other projects).

to antenna audio compression electronics radio ... on 01 November 2012

ZL2PD Digital HF Antenna Analyser edit / delete

Another DIY antenna analyser.

to antenna electronics radio test-equipment ... on 06 August 2012 edit / delete

Measurement techniques for 136kHz and 500kHz.

to antenna electronics lf radio ... on 08 April 2012

David Knight. Radio, electrical and electronic articles. edit / delete

Impressive section on adding an all-mode converter to an RA17, and an excellent description of the guts of one of the common SGC* autotuners.

to antenna electronics ra17 radio retrotech transverter tuner ... on 30 March 2012

W3EEE - Mt. Gretna, PA, U.S.A edit / delete

I found this originally for the Codar AT5 (a very cute 160m/80m transmitter), but there's lots of interesting stuff on LF radio here, and some good advice on receive antennas.

to am antenna electronics lf radio transmitter ... on 30 March 2012

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