The Pyra | Official Pyra and Pandora Site edit / delete

Followup to the Pandora: an open-hardware PDA with game controls and a physical keyboard. Like all of these projects, it is Not Cheap.

to computer linux mobile open-hardware pandora pda pyra ... on 12 September 2017

Kiwi - an 68k Homebrew Computer edit / delete

"These pages describe Kiwi, a Motorola MC68008-based computer system which was developed and built as a hobby."

to 68000 computer electronics homebrew microcomputer ... on 13 January 2014

technikum29 - Start edit / delete

Museum in Frankfurt with some very impressive early computers and calculators -- lots of neat pictures!

to amusements calculator computer retrocomputing retrotech ... on 30 March 2012

Ralph Klimek edit / delete

Lots of random electronics: radio, including an unusual loop antenna; simple computer designs; why ECL should have beaten TTL; and various other bits.

to antenna computer ecl electronics loop radio retrocomputing retrotech ttl ... on 30 January 2011

HIVE-Project edit / delete

Faux-retro computer design based on the Propeller.

to computer electronics micro propeller ... on 30 July 2009

Cosmac 1802 handheld computer edit / delete

Another homebrew handheld computer -- a bit more complex than my Z80 one! (Which I really should document at some point...)

to 1802 computer electronics retrocomputing ... on 13 March 2007

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