CP/M-68K edit / delete

Resurrecting a CP/M-68K machine, and running the OS under emulation.

to 68000 cpm emulation retrocomputing ... on 28 March 2016

DTACK GROUNDED Archive edit / delete

"The Journal of Simple 68000 Systems".

to 68000 cpu electronics motorola retrocomputing ... on 03 March 2016

Kiwi - an 68k Homebrew Computer edit / delete

"These pages describe Kiwi, a Motorola MC68008-based computer system which was developed and built as a hobby."

to 68000 computer electronics homebrew microcomputer ... on 13 January 2014

koo.corpus.cam.ac.uk edit / delete

A wide variety of fun homebrew projects; I remember reading about the CHAOS machines here before, but there's also a DIY CD player, various ATM stuff, etc.

to 2650 68000 atm cd electronics homebrew retrocomputing ... on 07 January 2013

68000 TRICKS AND TRAPS edit / delete

I will probably never find this useful, but it's quite interesting anyway.

to 68000 assembler optimisation programming ... on 14 August 2008

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