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A nice introduction to GCC inline assembler.

to assembler compiler gcc low-level ... on 18 October 2016

VisUAL - A highly visual ARM emulator edit / delete

"VisUAL has been developed as a cross-platform tool to make learning ARM Assembly language easier." From Imperial.

to arm assembler programming teaching visualisation ... on 28 February 2016

ARMwiki edit / delete

As the title suggests. Has an "early ARM" (i.e. Acorn) focus, but still a useful reference for 32-bit ARM in general.

to ag0700 arm assembler programming ... on 22 January 2016

An 88 Byte Bare-Metal Mandelbrot Generator | Nothing Untoward edit / delete

Drawing the Mandelbrot set using fixed-point arithmetic in x86 assembler.

to assembler bootblock cute-code fractal mandelbrot x86 ... on 18 January 2015

Computer Archeology edit / delete

Reverse-engineering arcade and 8-bit games. The level of detail here varies quite a bit, but some of the articles are very interesting.

to arcade assembler games retrocomputing reverse-engineering software ... on 23 August 2014

A Great Old-Timey Game-Programming Hack - Tom Moertel’s Blog edit / delete

In brief: the register set push/pop instructions on the 6809 can be abused to copy data efficiently.

to 6809 assembler optimisation ... on 29 December 2013

Amiga group Action's Brief News! edit / delete

In 1995, they would have been a cracking group; these days they produce WHDLoad patches for games. Lots of interesting technical detail about how to reverse-engineer game bootloaders.

to amiga assembler cracking disk pirate retrocomputing reverse-engineering software ... on 09 January 2013

ARM Assembly Language Programming edit / delete

Good rapid overview of ARM3 assembler -- written for the Archimedes, so with a section on BBC BASIC's assembler too...

to acorn arm assembler etext retrocomputing ... on 02 November 2011

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