Acorn System Computers Website edit / delete

Chris Oddy's very comprehensive early Acorn site. Includes pictures of most of the original parts, and designs for replicas of most of the boards too.

to 6502 acorn electronics retrocomputing ... on 25 March 2021

The Sunrise EV2 Project edit / delete

... and, more importantly, the "Membership Card" homebrew 8-bit computers -- now in Z80, 1802, 6502 and 8080 versions.

to 1802 6502 8080 electronics homebrew membership retrocomputing z80 ... on 12 September 2017

Logic65 edit / delete

"So.... with a little time and a little Teensy microcontroller I can now record and display the assembler code running on the 6502 CPU." I have a student doing this as a project (for a different CPU) at the moment...

to 6502 microcontroller retrocomputing ... on 28 February 2016

De Re Atari edit / delete

The semi-official programmer's guide to the Atari 8-bit machines. The most interesting chapter these days is Chris Crawford's one on how to actually make good games.

to 6502 atari atari800 retrocomputing ... on 31 December 2015

Grant's MULTICOMP pick and mix computer edit / delete

"Pick-and-mix to create your own custom computer on a low-cost FPGA board (BASIC, Z80, 6502, 6809, internal/external RAM, serial/keyboard+monitor, SD-card for CP/M or other storage)"

to 6502 6809 cpm electronics emulation fpga retrocomputing z80 ... on 23 September 2015

Projects - 6502 Home Computer - edit / delete

This is quite a bit fancier than the pocket Z80 machine I built as a teenager, but it's the same idea and similar construction. Very nice!

to 6502 electronics homebrew laptop portable retrocomputing ... on 17 March 2015

EtchedPixels/FUZIX edit / delete

Alan Cox's extended version of UZI, a SysV-ish Unix for 8-bit microprocessors. (I'm trying to persuade myself that it doesn't need a BBC Micro port...)

to 6502 6809 os retrocomputing software unix uzi z80 ... on 16 November 2014 | The Original IBM PC in Your Browser edit / delete

Emulators for the PC and other platforms. In Javascript -- which seems crazy; I think it's more likely that my AT will still work in 20 years than that current Javascript will!

to 6502 emulation javascript osi pc ... on 03 October 2014

PROMAL for the Commodore 64 edit / delete

An indentation-structured language for the C64. This would have been roughly contemporary with occam. Looks like quite a decent (B-ish) language.

to 6502 c64 commodore compiler indentation language-design retrocomputing software ... on 03 October 2014

Ray Carlsen's Home Page edit / delete

Repair guides for all the Commodore 8-bit machines and many of the peripherals (disk drives, monitors).

to 6502 8bit c128 c16 c64 commodore disk electronics monitor psu repair retrocomputing ... on 05 August 2014

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