Glen's Stuff edit / delete

Various complex retrotech projects, including clones of the TRS-80 and PET, and a very neat scope text display using Fourier synthesis.

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Museum-of-Art-and-Digital-Entertainment/habitat edit / delete

"Habitat is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the Commodore 64 on top of the QuantumLink online platform." Includes both client and server source.

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"Back in the late 1980s I was given a copy of Commodore's original assembler source code that was used to compile the 8-bit BASIC and KERNEL operating systems ROMs for the 6/700 series."

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Making a C64/C65 compatible computer in an FPGA edit / delete

With native 1920x1080 output, and a really fast CPU. Very nice!

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PROMAL for the Commodore 64 edit / delete

An indentation-structured language for the C64. This would have been roughly contemporary with occam. Looks like quite a decent (B-ish) language.

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Ray Carlsen's Home Page edit / delete

Repair guides for all the Commodore 8-bit machines and many of the peripherals (disk drives, monitors).

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Commodore designer Bil Herd. This includes the schematics for the 264 series (the C16 and Plus/4).

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Mike Naberezny – C16 ROM Expansion edit / delete

The other part of upgrading a C16 to a Plus4: adding the extra ROM banks.

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base:start [Codebase 64 wiki] edit / delete

Loads of information on low-level programming on the C64.

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