Norbert's Emulators edit / delete

Some amazing emulation feats. PDP-8 emulator for the Atari 800? (Real) Asteroids for the Plus/4? Atari Calculator for the C64? Very neat.

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Commodore designer Bil Herd. This includes the schematics for the 264 series (the C16 and Plus/4).

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metamerism by Bauknecht & The Electronic Knights (plus4) edit / delete

The tunnel at the end is lovely. Must must must get around to upgrading one of my C16s to 64k so I can run this sort of thing on it.

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Commodore 16 64K memory upgrade edit / delete

Turning a C16 into a Plus 4 (just without the user port): replace the RAM chips and add the missing address lines. I'm really tempted to do this, given that I have three C16s -- it's the machine I first learned to program on -- and there appears to be an enormous (mostly Hungarian, for some reason) library of Plus 4 software available.

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