ScoopexUs - YouTube edit / delete

The demoscene group -- with a series of video tutorials on Amiga graphics programming.

to amiga demos programming retrocomputing ... on 19 January 2014

direct to video | Just another weblog edit / delete

Real-time graphics techniques from a demoscene perspective -- including the NumbRes demo.

to demos graphics raytracing real-time shader ... on 14 December 2013

base:start [Codebase 64 wiki] edit / delete

Loads of information on low-level programming on the C64.

to c64 commodore demos programming retrocomputing ... on 07 September 2013

mtuomi/SecondReality edit / delete

Source for the classic PC demo.

to demos graphics retrocomputing software source ... on 13 August 2013

metamerism by Bauknecht & The Electronic Knights (plus4) edit / delete

The tunnel at the end is lovely. Must must must get around to upgrading one of my C16s to 64k so I can run this sort of thing on it.

to c16 commodore demos plus4 retrocomputing ... on 17 April 2013

the_ninja-method:nmis_and_distributed_jitter-correction_routines [Codebase 64 wiki] edit / delete

lft mentioned in his "Poems for Bugs" talk that this C64 synchronisation trick is very clever. He's right! (Set up the CIA's timer registers so that they form a jump instruction, where the target address depends on the position within the line...)

to c64 cute-code demos retrocomputing ... on 16 April 2013

Cruisin 3 by Abyss edit / delete

A demo producing simultaneous output on a TV and oscilloscope showing the video signal. There's a pretty good explanation of how this (probably!) works in the comments: set the scope to sync on the composite sync pulses, and zoom in on (say) grey values 1-30, then you can draw 625 arbitrary lines on the scope while still having them nearly invisible on the composite monitor. Cute. He ought to do one that also displays shapes on a vectorscope next time!

to art demos graphics ps2 video ... on 09 April 2013

ZINE - Brainstorm & Bitfellas edit / delete

"ZINE is a magaZINE about the demoscene, digital arts and related topics". I'd like to get some of our students more interested in the demoscene...

to art demos etext journal ... on 24 March 2013

viznut edit / delete

His "Robotic Liberation" demo for the VIC-20 is *really* impressive. Some technical stuff on the VIC-20 hardware too.

to demos retrocomputing software vic20 ... on 07 June 2009

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