ZINE - Brainstorm & Bitfellas edit / delete

"ZINE is a magaZINE about the demoscene, digital arts and related topics". I'd like to get some of our students more interested in the demoscene...

to art demos etext journal ... on 24 March 2013

Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis edit / delete

Exactly what it says on the tin. Brilliant (and quite interesting).

to academia journal publishing research ... on 16 November 2012

Journal of Computer Graphics Technology edit / delete

The latest incarnation of what used to be Graphics Gems: now it's an open-access journal run entirely by the editors, with no publisher involved. (And interesting papers so far.) I like this model.

to graphics journal publishing research ... on 13 October 2012

Game Studies edit / delete

Some quite interesting (and some less interesting) articles on the theory of computer games.

to games journal research ... on 30 March 2012

Computational Culture edit / delete

"Computational Culture is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal of inter-disciplinary enquiry into the nature of computational cultural objects, practices, processes and structures." Good target for CoSMoS?

to cosmos cs journal open-access research ... on 25 June 2011

Parallel Processing Letters (PPL) edit / delete

A "letters" (short papers, fast turnaround) journal for parallelism.

to concurrency journal parallel research ... on 06 January 2011

Open Research Computation | Home edit / delete

Open-access journal -- something like ACM TOMS, but for scientific software. Stringent requirements for good-quality open-source code. The CoSMoS tools would be a good fit.

to cosmos journal open-access open-source research ... on 06 January 2011

Rejecta Mathematica | Caveat Emptor edit / delete

A journal of rejected papers. Good idea, this.

to academic journal maths ... on 03 April 2009

Logical Methods in Computer Science edit / delete

An open-access TCS journal.

to cs journal open-access research theory ... on 27 October 2005

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