Computational Culture edit / delete

"Computational Culture is an online open-access peer-reviewed journal of inter-disciplinary enquiry into the nature of computational cultural objects, practices, processes and structures." Good target for CoSMoS?

to cosmos cs journal open-access research ... on 25 June 2011

Latest News — Code, Analysis, Repository and Modelling for e-Neuroscience edit / delete

Fiona pointed at this project as an example of trying to come up with open standards for scientific data.

to cosmos data language-design open-science science ... on 16 May 2011

Open Research Computation | Home edit / delete

Open-access journal -- something like ACM TOMS, but for scientific software. Stringent requirements for good-quality open-source code. The CoSMoS tools would be a good fit.

to cosmos journal open-access open-source research ... on 06 January 2011

pi-cluster status edit / delete

to cluster cosmos kent ... on 06 May 2010

OGRE – Open Source 3D Graphics Engine edit / delete

Cross-platform (and cross-3D-library) games engine. This might be useful for CoSMoS visualisations.

to 3d cosmos games graphics software ... on 05 April 2010

Life without Death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia edit / delete

Would be worth implementing in a lazy expanding-space system.

to ca cosmos life research ... on 16 June 2009

XML-RPC wp « WordPress Codex edit / delete

The WordProcess XML-RPC interface; what I was using for automatic upload (although it doesn't work very well).

to cosmos research web xmlrpc ... on 01 December 2008

York Conference Park edit / delete

On-campus accommodation at York.

to cosmos research travel york ... on 28 November 2008

Jack Whitham - Virtual Lab - Introduction edit / delete

The FPGA development system being built at York that we might end up using.

to cosmos electronics fpga ... on 16 October 2008

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