Pentabarf edit / delete

The conference-planning software that FOSDEM uses. This certainly looks better than Easychair et al -- but I'm not sure it'd be any less effort for CPA than our existing system...

to conference cpa software timetable ... on 12 February 2014

CCCen - YouTube edit / delete

Videos from CCC in English.

to ccc conference microcontroller reverse-engineering security video ... on 28 May 2013

HotCRP edit / delete

Open-source conference management system. Looks a bit better than EasyChair, but I suspect we still wouldn't want to use it for CPA...

to conference software ... on 24 May 2009

ICARIS 2009 - The 8th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems edit / delete

Conference that we may run a CoSMoS workshop at.

to ais conference cosmos research ... on 09 October 2008

Haskell Symposium 2008 edit / delete

Target for the nanopass paper.

to conference haskell research tock ... on 01 April 2008

(EC)^2 edit / delete

Worth getting a position paper about process-oriented programming into?

to concurrency conference research ... on 01 April 2008

ice08:ice08 [1st Interaction and Concurrency Experience (ICE'08)] edit / delete

Worth targetting something about barriers or poison to.

to concurrency conference research ... on 01 April 2008

SOSP 2005 Home Page edit / delete

to conference research systems ... on 12 September 2005

WoTUG - CPA 2005 edit / delete

to conference research ... on 20 April 2005

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