Peter Gutmann's Home Page edit / delete

"My research interests cover the design and analysis of security systems and security usability, including the application of concepts from cognitive psychology to understanding how users interact with security systems, and whatever else happens to catch my interest." Denizen of a variety of security/crypto mailing lists; lots of interesting stuff to read.

to crypto security systems usability usable-security ... on 15 September 2016

A Constructive Look At TempleOS edit / delete

I don't think there's anything especially novel here, but it's certainly an interesting system along the lines of Oberon or Squeak.

to language-design os systems templeos ... on 21 June 2016 edit / delete

An even fancier top implementation.

to performance software systems top ... on 10 August 2010

Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference 1986 edit / delete

Handy online version of the 386 manual.

to assembler programming research systems x86 ... on 06 December 2006 edit / delete

Magic PXE bootdisk creator. (Pity you can't say "make me a disk with all the drivers".)

to booting linux-kernel pxe systems ... on 30 September 2006

EuroSys2006 edit / delete

The systems conference Fred went to; some Singularity-related stuff.

to drivers os papers research systems ... on 30 April 2006

SOSP 2005 Home Page edit / delete

to conference research systems ... on 12 September 2005

EuroSys edit / delete

to research systems ... on 12 September 2005

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