Why King George III Can Encrypt edit / delete

Coming up with better metaphors for how PGP signing and encryption works, and then *actually evaluating how effective they are with users*. The short answer: key/lock, seal/imprint. And tell a story about them.

to cryptography encryption gpg metaphors papers pgp security teaching ... on 18 January 2015

Using Frankencerts for Automated Adversarial Testing of Certificate Validation in SSL/TLS Implementations edit / delete

Generating randomly-varied certificates and comparing how different implementations respond to them.

to ca certificate papers security ssl testing tls ... on 13 April 2014

How to Make Zuse's Z3 a Universal Computer edit / delete

As it says -- bearing in mind that the Z3 was effectively a four-function calculator with an instruction tape, this is an interesting proof.

to computation maths papers retrocomputing z3 zuse ... on 12 March 2012

Prof. W. Kahan's web pages edit / delete

Includes a variety of splendid publications on floating-point maths and how it's implemented. Worth referring to for occam-pi's maths implementation.

to compiler floating-point maths papers research ... on 13 December 2007

GĂ©rard Boudol's Home Page edit / delete

Some concurrency-related papers, including "Non-interference for concurrent programs".

to concurrency papers research ... on 03 November 2007

CSAIL Publications edit / delete

... going back to 1959. Some very interesting reading here.

to ai compiler papers research retrocomputing ... on 02 June 2006

EuroSys2006 edit / delete

The systems conference Fred went to; some Singularity-related stuff.

to drivers os papers research systems ... on 30 April 2006

Computer Laboratory - Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR-453 edit / delete

"C formalised in HOL"

to papers research ... on 18 August 2005

The "Bug" Heard Round The World edit / delete

Tracking down a subtle bug in the Space Shuttle control system -- and a plea to development system designers.

to engineering failure papers research software ... on 03 August 2005

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