Floating Point Determinism - gafferongames.com edit / delete

This has some interesting comments from game developers on techniques for making FP deterministic.

to ag0700 ag0907 determinism floating-point games maths networking numeric ... on 03 October 2014

Floating-Point Determinism | Random ASCII edit / delete

"My hobby: injecting code into other processes and changing the floating-point rounding mode on some threads".

to ag0700 ag0803 floating-point numeric ... on 01 July 2014

General Decimal Arithmetic edit / delete

Lots of resources related to computer implementations of decimal arithmetic -- including lots of cases where binary floating-point isn't the right thing to use.

to arithmetic computation decimal floating-point maths numerical ... on 25 March 2014

IEEE floating point exceptions: NaNs, 1.#INF, 1.#IND, etc edit / delete

How to do isnan() on Windows, and what the VC++ implementation of printf does with various NaNs.

to floating-point ieee programming win32 ... on 14 October 2011

Faster Floating Point to Integer Conversions. edit / delete

How to do rounding and truncating float-to-int conversions efficiently using C99. We'll want this in the Tock support header.

to c99 compiler floating-point research tock ... on 14 October 2008

Prof. W. Kahan's web pages edit / delete

Includes a variety of splendid publications on floating-point maths and how it's implemented. Worth referring to for occam-pi's maths implementation.

to compiler floating-point maths papers research ... on 13 December 2007

Computers edit / delete

An excellent retrocomputing-oriented guide to "how computers work". Has a particularly good page on different floating-point formats.

to architecture computing cs floating-point retrocomputing teaching ... on 05 March 2007

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