How to Write a Spelling Corrector edit / delete

"The full details of an industrial-strength spell corrector are quite complex ... What I wanted to do here is to develop, in less than a page of code, a toy spelling corrector that achieves 80 or 90% accuracy at a processing speed of at least 10 words per second." Nice -- this'd be a good case study for our revamped algorithms module.

to algorithms computing cs programming spelling ... on 22 March 2015

Dropping In on Gottfried Leibniz—Stephen Wolfram Blog edit / delete

A nice overview of Leibniz's contributions to computational thinking, with many photos of his notes.

to ag0700 computational-thinking computing history leibniz maths retrocomputing ... on 10 July 2014

First-Hand Histories - GHN: IEEE Global History Network edit / delete

Some remarkably detailed stories here. The one on SAGE and its successors is particularly interesting.

to computing history ieee retrocomputing retrotech ... on 07 March 2014

Gallery Home edit / delete

Assorted photos from Rutherford Appleton Lab, including a number of transputer conferences; features some familiar faces...

to academia computing history inmos retrotech transputer ... on 11 March 2010

a-z of programming languages - Computerworld edit / delete

Series on the design of programming languages, including things like the Bourne shell -- very interesting stuff.

to computing language-design programming retrocomputing ... on 21 August 2009

Homebrew CPU Home Page edit / delete

A neat homebrew computer, built out of 74-series logic.

to computing electronics homebrew retrocomputing ... on 05 November 2007

Computers edit / delete

An excellent retrocomputing-oriented guide to "how computers work". Has a particularly good page on different floating-point formats.

to architecture computing cs floating-point retrocomputing teaching ... on 05 March 2007

Login_Lore edit / delete

How people chose their login names.

to amusements computing geek sociology ... on 13 August 2006

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