What Can We Learn From the Demoscene? | CHIPFLIP edit / delete

"1. Computing as craft. 2. Non-recorded formats. 3. Collective copyright system. 4. A bounded culture."

to copyright culture demoscene media sociology ... on 26 February 2017

MIT Comparative Media Studies: Theses edit / delete

Interesting stuff -- but most interesting when you look back at the theses from a few years ago, to see what people thought was going to be notable.

to art games media sociology ... on 10 August 2010

Login_Lore edit / delete

How people chose their login names.

to amusements computing geek sociology ... on 13 August 2006

SIRC - Passport to the Pub edit / delete

A guide to how British pubs work. Now a bit out of date (the "last orders" ritual described happens about 1:30 AM these days), but still a good read.

to amusements pub sociology uk ... on 13 August 2006

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