Letters for digits in UK telephone numbers edit / delete

How were STD codes assigned to UK telephone exchanges originally? It turns out they were in alphabetical order...

to exchange history phone retrotech std uk ... on 12 September 2017

Home | www.missing-episodes.com edit / delete

"This Forum is for the discussion of, and research in to the gaps in the British Television & Radio archives."

to broadcast history missing radio tv uk ... on 26 February 2017

Roader's Digest: The SABRE Wiki edit / delete

A wiki about roads in the UK.

to road transport uk wiki ... on 23 September 2015

Software Preservation edit / delete

The Computer Conservation Society's collection of classic (mostly British) software.

to ccs history retrocomputing uk ... on 30 March 2015

ElectionForecast.co.uk edit / delete

Predicting the results of the general election using R. With pretty pictures.

to election modelling politics prediction statistics uk ... on 28 March 2015

A Brief Political History Of The United Kingdom | FiveThirtyEight edit / delete

As it says. A surpringly compact overview.

to history politics uk ... on 28 March 2015

Amateur Computer Club Magazines edit / delete

Mid-1970s British amateur computing.

to acc etext history retrocomputing uk ... on 26 July 2014

Off-Air Back-Up Recording Service ยท British Universities Film & Video Council edit / delete

TV and radio recordings for UK academia (sadly Abertay don't subscribe).

to archiving radio tv uk ... on 25 May 2014

Intellectual Property Office - Changes to copyright law and guidance edit / delete

The changes to UK copyright law that are coming in summer 2014.

to copyright digital-rights law uk ... on 28 April 2014

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