NRK Bittorrent edit / delete

A selection of NRK shows available (mostly under CC licenses). This includes some really impressive stuff -- e.g. a 7.5 hour video of a long train journey in HD quality. Some links here are broken but a bit of exploration on their tracker will find fixed versions.

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Website for Mike Horne author and researcher - Contents edit / delete

Railway history. The book on the history of London Underground's telecommunications is particularly interesting.

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Realtime Trains edit / delete

Used to be less fancy. Now is considerably more fancy, with lots of detail on the "advanced" tab for individual trains.

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Open Train Times edit / delete

The live maps are pretty neat.

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Dean Forest Railway Telecoms edit / delete

A preserved railway with a period-appropriate telephone system (if you ignore the Asterisk server!).

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Hastings Diesels Limited - Home edit / delete

A very small train maintenance and hire company, running DEMUs designed for the Hastings-Tonbridge Wells line.

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Dewi's Railway, Trains & Trams Page edit / delete

I was wondering what London's trams looked like. (And chasing links to find that Dundee used to have a fairly extensive tram system...)

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PSRM Frequently Asked Questions edit / delete

Notable for the article on how to start an oil-fired locomotive, should I ever need to do so.

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The Man in Seat Sixty-One... edit / delete

A guide to European (and British) rail travel. Pity about the hard sell, but lots of interesting information.

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