Alex cartoon edit / delete

As it says - all the strips back to the 1980s, and quite a bit about the history of the comic and its spinoffs. I hadn't realised it was still going!

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Paul Slade - Journalist edit / delete

"Here you'll find my guide to some of the world's most fascinating Murder Ballads, a series of Secret London's forgotten mysteries and, in the section I've cunningly titled Miscellany, anything else I damn well feel like including."

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Electrokinetica - Welcome edit / delete

London-based electromechical technology museum: they collect and restore things like generator sets and lifts. I came here via the excellent section on Compton church organs (the British equivalent of Hammond, using interestingly different technology).

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AM/FM / TX Magazine / Radio Today - the eighties London pirate radio site edit / delete

"For three years in the eighties, TX Magazine catalogued the growth of London's pirate radio stations and the fight for a free radio alternative to the bland pop and chatter of the BBC and Independent Local Radio." Radio Jackie et al.

to 80s history london pirate radio ... on 13 March 2015

Old BBC Radio Broadcasting Equipment and Memories - Home Page edit / delete

Impressively comprehensive site about BBC facilities up to the 1980s -- including a detailed tour of Broadcasting House as originally built.

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Website for Mike Horne author and researcher - Contents edit / delete

Railway history. The book on the history of London Underground's telecommunications is particularly interesting.

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Welcome to the London Datastore | London DataStore edit / delete

The traffic cameras set is pretty cool.

to data london maps ... on 22 June 2010

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